Federal False Claims Act and Qui Tam Litigation

(Law Journal Press 2010)

Goals of This Treatise
This treatise will assist the plaintiff’s bar in communicating with the client, and in investigating, filing, and litigating qui tamactions. Plaintiff’s counsel needs information that will guide him through the factual and legal intricacies of pursuing an FCA case, and an objective view of how the case will be handled in the particular venue.

The treatise will also assist the defense bar in preventing, anticipating, and responding appropriately to qui tam filings. Defendants face not only civil litigation, but also criminal consequences for their conduct. The parallel nature of these proceedings mandate specialized expertise.

Finally, this treatise will provide guidance to all parties in developing a beneficial relationship with all departments of Government. Sometimes this issue is the most complex. The Federal Government has its own distinctive agenda about the case in general, the settlement process, and the role of each party. This is even more confusing and conflicting when the states have interests and want to protect their rights.

These differing agendas will substantially affect how the various parties interact. This is where most other “authoritative” works fall short. They view the FCA through a single lens and ignore how the statutes and judicial opinions affect all the players. This treatise remedies these deficiencies.