By David Berg


Now available, The Trial Lawyer: What it Takes to Win, Second Edition (© ABA 2018)

By David Berg
The ABA recently published the Second Edition of David’s entertaining and instructive bestselling book on every trial skill, complete with war stories, excerpts from his trials and those of his colleagues—including how Joe Jamail won a $10.5 billion verdict for Pennzoil (the largest verdict ever affirmed on appeal) and how he and his BA team won a trade mark infringement case for comic genius and entrepreneur Dan Aykroyd’s company, Crystal Head Vodka, after the case had been lost by a previous law firm.

Imagine you could take an experienced trial partner with you wherever you went. That is the premise of The Trial Lawyer: What It Takes to Win by David Berg. The book, now in its second edition, provides advice on every stage of trial work. – Andrew J. Kennedy, Litigation News. Read More.

Editor’s Note: Litigation is published by The Journal of The Section of Litigation, American Bar Association. This volume was subtitled “Perspective.”

Excerpt: The Atlantic is calm today. The beach, rearranged by a tropical storm, is incredibly wide and white. Before I cast, I use pliers to clamp down the barbs on my hook. Read More

Blind Cross-Examination 
By David Berg
Editor’s Note: Litigation is published by The Journal of The Section of Litigation, American Bar Association. This volume was subtitled “Surprises.” Read More

Preparing Witnesses 
By David Berg
Editor’s Note: Litigation is published by The Journal of The Section of Litigation, American Bar Association. This volume was subtitled “Morals and Manners.” Excerpt: A Texas tort lawyer recently won an $8.5 million verdict for the owner of a deceased stud bull, felled midstream of an enviable career by cruel circumstance and an apparently lethal pesticide. Read More

Secrets of Cross-Examination 
By David Berg

Editor’s Note: Litigation is published by The Journal of The Section of Litigation, American Bar Association. This volume was subtitled “Secrets.” Excerpt: There are many secrets of fly fishing, but the essence of each of them is to listen to your instincts: They become more reliable each time you cast. Read More


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