Types of Qui Tam Cases


Since the revitalization of the False Claims Act (”FCA”) by the 1986 Amendments, the government has aggressively pursued civil, criminal, and administrative actions against those who swindle money from the federal treasury. Since there is no shortage of corrupt contractors, the government and relators have been busy. The Department of Justice reported, in fiscal year 2014, that FCA recoveries were the highest in years, totaling nearly $6 billion.

Although the majority of these recoveries were in the area of healthcare fraud, significant recoveries were also made in other areas. Most often, qui tam cases involve healthcare and defense contractors, but some also relate to financial servicesenvironmental regulationoil, gas and mining, and scientific research.

For more information and case citations, please see “Federal False Claims Act and Qui Tam Litigation,” published by Law Journal Press (2010).

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You should be aware that qui tam claims are subject to a Statute of Limitations. The area of limitations periods is complex. There are also first to file rules, public disclosure bars, original source issues, and varying limitations in pursuing retaliation claims. If you wish to pursue your claims, you should promptly seek the opinion of an attorney regarding the merits of your qui tam claim and the applicable statute of limitations.