How do I pick the right Qui Tam law firm?

Before you hire a lawyer…

For whistleblowers, choosing the right qui tam litigation team may be the toughest part of the process. So much depends on getting the best firm. And while there are many, many things to consider when selecting a firm to protect and represent you, there are few questions every whistleblower needs to ask:

  • How successful is the firm at litigating qui tam cases?

Does the law firm have experience in your industry? Do they know the ins and outs of your trade?

  • Will the law firm withdraw if the government chooses not to intervene? The objective is to get the government to join the suit, but it does not always do so. The government declines to intervene in most qui tam cases.
  • Does the law firm have experience in litigating cases if the case goes to court?
  • Will the firm broker or send you out to another legal team initially or when the government declines to participate?
  • How does the firm make their money? Will they bill you hourly or will they do business on a contingency fee basis, taking a fixed percentage of the winnings only if the case has a successful result.

The objective is to hire the right law firm from the beginning. The firm should have qui tam experience and the expertise in trying lawsuits. Look for the best TRIAL ATTORNEYS with qui tam experience. That way, if the government declines to participate you do not have to search for another firm, or if the government intervenes, the firm has the trial experience to assist the government in court.