Joel Androphy Criminal Cases

Androphy has represented many high-profile defendants.

Joel Androphy
 with Norton A. Colvin, Jr. of Colvin, Chaney, Saenz & Rodriguez, LLP defended Armando Villalobos, the former District Attorney of Cameron County, in a public corruption trial in federal court in Brownsville, Texas. The government charged Villalobos with twelve counts of racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering, extortion, and honest services fraud.  Before trial, the defense moved to dismiss all counts, and, in response, the government withdrew the three honest services fraud counts.  After a two-week trial, the jury acquitted Villalobos of two counts of extortion, rejecting the government’s allegations that Villalobos accepted payments from former Cameron County state district judge Abel C. Limas and attorney Oscar De La Fuente in exchange for fixing their cases. The jury found Villalobos guilty on the remaining seven counts. View Case-Related Articles and Videos.

Joel Androphy and Sarah Frazier won an acquittal of a U.S. executive accused of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations and payments made to officials of a Mexican state-owned electric utility on January 18, 2012, after a jury trial in Houston federal court. More Info.

Joel Androphy and Sarah Frazier obtained 4 acquittals of a prominent cancer doctor accused of insurance fraud by four major insurance companies. The trial involved billing for the drug Herceptin.

Joel Androphy and Kathryn Nelson obtained a dismissal of all environmental criminal charges against a Spanish maritime company. The international maritime company rejected all attempts by the federal government to obtain corporate pleas.

Joel M. Androphy and Kathryn Nelson obtained an acquittal of a Greek maritime officer accused of environmental charges by the Department of Justice in a “magic pipe” pollution trial. There are only 2 other reported acquittals in the history of these prosecutions.

Joel Androphy, along with Pat Cooney of Houston’s Royston Razor, successfully defended an international maritime company from environmental criminal charges. The Department of Justice decided to conclude a year long investigation without filing any criminal indictments. The international company rejected all attempts by the federal government to obtain corporate pleas.

Androphy obtained a dismissal of a federal indictment involving computer crimes.

Androphy won a reversal and acquittal on appeal to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in a bank fraud case, and the same year obtained a federal jury acquittal on 11 counts of mail fraud and money laundering for a Dallas chiropractor accused of participating in an insurance fraud conspiracy.

Androphy acted as co-counsel for Susan McDougal in the appeal of her Whitewater conviction. In 1997, he won a reversal in the federal court of appeals for an executive charged with counterfeit trafficking under the Trademark Counterfeiting Act, and in 1998 he won another reversal in state court for a doctor charged with criminal contempt.

Androphy won another acquittal in federal court for a bankruptcy auctioneer accused of defrauding bankruptcy estates.

Androphy won an acquittal in federal court for two brothers accused of money laundering and currency violations. That same year, he also won an acquittal in federal court for a former mortgage company president accused of fraud.

Androphy, with David Berg as lead lawyer, won a dismissal of criminal RICO charges during a four-month trial in Beaumont, Texas.