July 8, 2018

David Berg tells CNN that Martha and Bela Karolyi are grateful and relieved to be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Nassar and former USA Gymnastics trainer indicted for alleged sexual abuse at Karolyi Ranch in Texas

(CNN) Larry Nassar, the former team doctor for USA Gymnastics, and former USA Gymnastics trainer Deborah Van Horn were indicted in Texas Friday on charges of sexual assault of a child at the Karolyi Ranch, where for decades numerous Olympians have trained.

Walker County prosecutors did not file any charges against training center owners and famed gymnastic coaches Martha and Bela Karolyi.

David Berg, the lawyer for the Karolyis told CNN: “First of all, the Karolyis are very grateful to the Texas Rangers and the Walker County DA for clearing their name today. The Karolyis are relieved to have this cloud lifted from them. There was never any evidence of wrongdoing against them.”

He said that while he “in no way” wanted to equate the suffering of Nassars accusers with that of his clients, the Karolyis were also victims of the disgraced doctor.

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