May 20, 2019

City Of Oakland v. Oakland Raiders, NFL Lawsuit: Who’s Who As League Issues Loser Argument


The Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Relocation allowed by the National Football League two years ago spawned the anti-trust lawsuit of the City Of Oakland v. Oakland Raiders and the NFL that was continued Friday, after getting started March 1st.

Contrary to mainstream media reports, the Oakland Raiders filed a motion to dismiss the case on March 1st as did the NFL itself, then expected an answer from the judge on March 22nd, but that’s been moved back to June 7th, and with the City Of Oakland filing its response by April 7th.

And on that note, something else: the NFL and the Raiders are basically firing up the same loser argument used in the “motion to dismiss” entered in the St. Louis lawsuit: that is that the NFL relocation rules are not a contract.


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