I could never put into words the whirlwind of emotions that have overwhelmed me and my family since last speaking with you yesterday afternoon / early evening.  Saying, “thank you” could never be enough, and it isn’t,  therefore please accept this email as a very small preliminary showing of my appreciation for all that you and your team have done to literally save my life, family, career and reputation, including the reputation of my entire family.  Aside from the day my daughter was born, yesterday was the greatest day of my life.  Last night was the first night in over four (4) years I actually slept with both eyes closed.

I do believe in fate and that is what brought me to meet and speak with former Governor ___________ as well as _____________ , this past March, the very next day after the Assistant US Attorney (AUSA)  told my former attorney that he was indicting me early in April. Both the former governor and the other former governmental official had mentioned you by name.  My initial reaction and questions to them were, “why would I hire an Attorney from Houston, Texas and how do you know him?”  They said they didn’t know you personally but that you had an unparalleled reputation for pre and post-indictment relief and thought of consulting with you a few years ago but he ended up not needing to.  I am so fortunate to have friends that I trust and who give me the best advice, because recommending you and your team was the best advice I could have possibly been given at the most crucial time.  It was down to the wire for me and I literally didn’t have a week or two (2) to spare.  I called you with fingers crossed the following day, thinking you either wouldn’t return the call or would take a couple / few weeks to hear from you, and if that were the case it likely would be too late.  You called me that same afternoon and traveled to New England soon thereafter. Your presence here in New England while telling the AUSA to his face, “if you indict ____________, there will be a trial, he will not ever take a plea”, was in my opinion the turning point.  He knew then that he had a huge fight on his hands.

I had three attorney’s before you.  You accomplished in four months what they couldn’t accomplish in over four years.  All three are well known and all have good reputations.  While you were unknown to the AUSA and the other players, they quickly learned that you were not to be messed with and that you were thoroughly and aggressively preparing for a battle that you refused to lose.

You have an amazing style Joel, one I admire greatly and no doubt have learned from.  You never made any promises other than that you would work quickly, efficiently and aggressively on my behalf.  You assembled an AMAZING team with your associates and investigators.  They never missed a beat, tracking witnesses down, interviewing them, asking the tough questions and obtaining their Declarations. If things had gone the other way, we would have been well prepared because of all that you and they did in uncovering the true facts of the case and preparing to defend me aggressively.

My wife and I are still in awe….you have no idea.   My life is back on track Joel and it is time to rebuild my law practice. I am taking my family on vacation next week and this time I will be able to enjoy myself with my family for the first time in over four years without looking over my shoulder and worrying about what might be coming down the pike in the coming days and weeks.

Again, my sincerest and most heartfelt appreciation for all you and your team have done for me and my family.




Happy Client