Dear Joel and Janis,

I feel compelled to formally thank both of you on behalf of all of the HSM and Huntsville Healthcare Center patients who were represented in the Qui Tam Case you successfully settled.

I feel blessed that you accepted this case and fought so hard to achieve justice for the United States Government, State of Texas and especially all of the patients who suffered such horrific neglect, abuse and even death at the hands of a few corporate executives who exploited the frailty, infirmity and disability of patients for personal gain and greed.

Having done my “homework” on Berg and Androphy prior to choosing your firm, I understood that there was a chance you may have rejected this case because of the the modest “monetary gain” compared to the large and complex cases your firm typically embraces. Thus, I felt God’s hand in this when you agreed to take this on.

What impressed me the most about your firm and your team was the true passion, compassion and dedication that you Joel, and Janis, Rachel, and Mr. Berg demonstrated in regard to advocating for patients who were unable to advocate for themselves.

You gave each precious soul a voice. You made their lives matter. You refused to allow their suffering to go unnoticed. This is what heroes do! They fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. And I thank you for being a hero for the common man (and woman)!

You, Janis and your firm chose to place humanity before money. I’m well aware of the hours and hours poured into this case over the course of three years!

Because of you two and each member of your staff, I have renewed hope for these patients and their families where I once felt despair and helplessness. This has been a “healing” experience. Thank you.

I applaud your integrity, your honesty (even when it hurts) and your relentless quest for justice.

During the three years I have been involved with your firm as a relator, every member of your firm and your entire staff consistently responded promptly to questions, they were kind and courteous and most important of all, everyone conveyed genuine concern and empathy for the victims in this case. That meant so very much to me.

God bless you for persisting! God bless you for winning one for humanity!

With gratitude, Happy Client