Joel Androphy Helps Youth in the Fifth Ward via the Center for Urban Transformation

Joel Androphy is representing pro bono in multiple felony cases a youth who lives near the Fifth Ward community. Prior to their representation that young man was placed on probation despite a history of drug and mental health issues.

The Fifth Ward’s Center for Urban Transformation (CUT) of which Berg & Androphy is one of the founding partners and a board member was recently set up to deal with these issues from inception. The client needs to be in the CUT program and not on probation or incarcerated.

The client’s mother recently wrote us to say “This is Rudy’s mom. He said for you to go ahead and try for the rehab and to tell you that he wishes there would be more human being like you, to help young kids like him. Rudy say[s] that you are like his angel from God and he promises you he’s not going to let you down. He’s going to try so hard to be somebody. That is a promise.”