The Qui Tam Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever come across the term “Qui Tam,” you might be wondering about its implications and the steps involved. At Berg & Androphy, we have a rich legacy of guiding clients through the Qui Tam process, ensuring they’re equipped with the best legal expertise.

The Role of Qui Tam Attorneys 

The Latin phrase “qui tam” translates to “Who as well for the king as for himself sues in the manner.” In practical terms, it means a private citizen is initiating legal action on behalf of a state, serving as a bridge between the government and fraudulent activities. Qui Tam attorneys, like the specialists at Berg & Androphy, are at the forefront of this fight against government fraud.

Our attorneys in this field specialize in representing whistleblowers, bringing to light fraud committed against the government under the False Claims Act. These cases often involve deceitful claims for government funds, ranging from kickbacks to intricate fraudulent schemes. When suspicious activities arise, consulting a Qui Tam attorney can provide a roadmap through the labyrinth of whistleblower laws, from providing legal advice to representing clients in court, and working diligently with the U.S. Attorney’s office for a strong case.

Berg & Androphy has a renowned history in Qui Tam litigation, representing whistleblowers across the country. Our success stories include major settlements with firms like Rotech Healthcare and record-setting cases like the Eli Lilly qui tam lawsuit. Our dedication has resulted in hundreds of millions recovered for the government and whistleblowers alike.

An Overview of the Qui Tam Process

Step 1: Reporting Fraudulent Activity

The heart of a Qui Tam action is reporting fraud against the government. If you witness such fraud, the first step is to gather evidence. Your case’s success heavily relies on the proof you can present.

Step 2: Contacting a Qui Tam Specialist

Choosing a firm with a track record, like Berg & Androphy, is crucial. Our experts will assess the merit of your case, ensuring your evidence is concrete.

Step 3: Filing a Complaint

Once we determine your case is solid, we’ll help you file a Qui Tam complaint under seal, keeping it confidential while the government reviews it.

Step 4: Government’s Decision

During this period, the government will decide if they want to intervene. Our team will constantly liaise with officials, ensuring they have everything they need to make an informed decision.

Step 5: Litigation or Settlement

If the government intervenes, it will take over the case, but we’ll continue representing your interests. If not, we are ready and equipped to litigate on your behalf.

Qui Tam: By The Numbers

Statistical trends show the significance and impact of qui tam cases. Since 1988, settlements and judgments under the False Claims Act have exceeded $15.6 billion. Of this, qui tam settlements and judgments represent $13.2 billion, with whistleblowers or relators accounting for $1.4 billion.

For instance, in the fiscal year 2020, 672 qui tam suits led to recoveries of over $1.6 billion for the Department of Justice. Although 2021 began strong, it did not witness any large settlements from qui tam filings as per historical trends.

For more Qui Tam insights, you can visit our statistics page.

Choosing Qui Tam Attorneys at Berg & Androphy

From years of working on Qui Tam cases, Ber & Androphy attorneys offer personalized guidance and staunch representation. We understand the intricacies of Qui Tam litigation and ensure that your interests are always at the forefront.

If you’re pondering over reporting government fraud, and understanding the Qui Tam process, the role of the attorney and the nuances of the attorney-client relationship is crucial. Berg & Androphy ensures that you’re equipped with seasoned expertise, guiding you at every step, from understanding the legal implications of reporting fraud to representing you in court.

When you choose Berg & Androphy for your Qui Tam action, you’re not just hiring a law firm; you’re partnering with a dedicated team committed to fighting fraudulent activities against the government. Let us be your guide in the Qui Tam journey. Contact us at Berg & Androphy to get started today.