Is there a way I can learn more about the laws governing my specific region or case type?

Answer: Yes. While Berg & Androphy is based in Houston, Texas, qui tam attorney representation and research has a nationwide reach. You can view a list of region-based details here and contact us with details about your case so we can more specifically address the issues and geographical laws surrounding your litigation.

Please review Joel Androphy’s Federal False Claims Act and Qui Tam Litigation for answers to questions about the law and strategy. The treatise addresses corporate whistleblower issues, and what to anticipate from litigation.

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9 Things Every Qui Tam Whistleblower Needs To Know

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You should be aware that qui tam claims are subject to a Statute of Limitations. The area of limitations periods is complex. There are also first to file rules, public disclosure bars, original source issues, and varying limitations in pursuing retaliation claims. If you wish to pursue your claims, you should promptly seek the opinion of an attorney regarding the merits of your qui tam claim and the applicable statute of limitations.