Should I file a Qui Tam Litigation suit?

When considering if you should file a qui tam suit against a current or past employer or even a business partner or associate, the central question to answer is: do you have non-public or “insider” information which reveals that an individual or entity has committed fraud that is damaging to the federal government?

Contrary to what you might have heard, you do not have to have been harmed personally to file a qui tam case. If you have been harmed personally, the law allows you to pursue a retaliation claim against the defendant.

A few resources that can help you to make an informed decision regarding pursuing qui tam litigation include our Qui Tam Overview , featuring an informative video; qui tam statistics  on judgements and settlements, currently updated through 2019; specific results on qui tam cases  pursued by Berg & Androphy for our clients; and information on retaliation against whistleblowers  who have pursued qui tam actions.

Once you’ve read these articles and pages, please contact Berg & Androphy  for an initial, confidential evaluation of your potential qui tam case. We look forward to engaging with you.