July 22, 2019

Former NYPD Officer Sues Gunmaker Over Faulty Handguns

 By Alain Stephens

In 2017, Honor Defense was called out by the gun community for making weapons that can fire when dropped. Now a police officer is suing the company after he was shot by his.

In a lawsuit filed in Florida District Court, Ernest Huang, a retired New York City police officer, alleges that his still-holstered Honor Guard 9mm pistol fired when he accidentally dropped it. The misfired round sliced through Huang’s left leg, shattering the bone, before piercing the ceiling.

“Honor Defense should have recalled the Honor Guard,” wrote Jenny Kim, who is representing Huang, in an emailed statement to the Trace. “[The gun] is not drop safe.” Honor Defense, which did not respond to request for comment, has repeatedly noted that its handguns meet industry standards for drop safety.

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