October 25, 2018

Types of Qui Tam Cases Pursued Under the False Claims Act

There Are Many Types of Qui Tam Cases Pursued Under the False Claims Act.


Since the revitalization of the False Claims Act (“FCA”) by the 1986 Amendments, the U.S. Government has aggressively pursued civil, criminal, and administrative actions against those who swindle money from the Federal treasury. Since there is no shortage of corrupt contractors, the Government and relators have been busy. The Department of Justice reported, in fiscal year 2003, that FCA recoveries were the highest in years, totaling $2.1 billion.

Although, the majority of these recoveries were in the area of healthcare fraud, significant recoveries were also made in other areas. Most often, qui tam cases involve healthcare and defense contractors, but some also relate to financial services, environmental regulation, oil, gas and mining, and even scientific research.

Learn more about the various types of qui tam cases that can be pursued legally as well as the role of whistleblowers in those cases by following the links below.

Healthcare Qui Tam Cases
Defense Contractor / Military / Government Procurement Qui Tam Cases
Financial Fraud / SEC / Qui Tam Cases
IRS Tax Fraud Cases
Environmental Regulation Qui Tam Cases
Prevailing Wage Act Qui Tam Cases
Education Fraud Qui Tam Cases
Oil Gas and Mining Qui Tam Cases
Scientific Research Qui Tam Cases

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