October 15, 2018

Latest Military Mess Causing Trouble for Feinberg’s Private Equity Firm

Steve Feinberg’s big bets on war and weapons have gotten him into another financial mess – and this time his troubles are stoking concerns about potential conflicts of interest as he sits as an adviser to the White House.

The billionaire gun enthusiast’s buyout firm – Cerberus Capital – took a hit this spring as its US gun maker, Remington, finally went bankrupt as losses piled up and investors fled amid outrage over school shootings, starting with the Sandy Hook, Conn., killings in 2012.

Separately, DynCorp also faces a federal whistleblower lawsuit, in which a former cost analyst for the company, Robert Reddell, alleges it hired a freight provider, Damco, which significantly over-billed the government for costs including fuel surcharges and oversize boxes, netting both DynCorp and Damco unjust profits.

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