April 18, 2018

Morton Plant Mease Health Care Inc. settles $10.1 Million False Claims Allegations with United States Government

Editor’s note: Here’s an interesting blog post from our archives that we thought was worth sharing again. The False Claims Act has enabled whistleblowers to expose fraudulent healthcare fiscal violations, while getting financial rewards for their efforts. We feel this is justice being served indeed.

Morton Plant Mease Health Care Inc. and its affiliated Florida hospitals have agreed to pay a little over $10.1 million to the United States government for submitting fraudulent health care claims for services provided to Medicare beneficiaries.

The settlement announced by the Department of Justice on November 20, 2012, resolves allegations that the Morton Plant Mease Health Care Inc.’s affiliated hospitals improperly billed for services between July 1, 2006 and July 31, 2008.  The affiliated hospitals submitted bills to Medicare that charged for certain interventional cardiac and vascular procedures as inpatient care when those services should have been properly charged at less costly outpatient care or as observational status.

The fraudulent activity was brought to the United States government’s attention through a qui tam lawsuit filed by Randi Ferrare. Ms. Ferrare was a former director of Health Management Services at Morton Plant Hospital, one of the several affiliated hospitals of Morton Plant Mease Health Care Inc.  For bringing the whistle blower action, Ms. Ferrare will receive $1.8 million as provided in accordance with the False Claims Act.

If you’re considering a whistleblower action against the company where you are employed, Berg & Androphy can be of assistance. Please read our Qui Tam Procedures page to learn how to file a Qui Tam lawsuit in the USA currently.