July 16, 2015

Law Firm Focus: Berg & Androphy Opens New York Office

Add Berg & Androphy – a spirited Houston standout led by acclaimed lawyer David Berg – to the list of Texas firms making a run at New York. Berg recently hired two Kasowitz partners, Michael Fay and Jenny Kim, opening offices on West 45th St.

Berg is a famed trial lawyer and author, who’s won protection for anti-war protestors at the U.S. Supreme Court; defended Susan McDougal in her Whitewater conviction; sued the KKK with Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center to protect Vietnamese fisherman off the coast of Texas; and won $420M for limited partners of Marriott International and Host Marriott.

Throughout his 45-year legal career, he’s handled his share of cases in New York, which has grown in appeal to Texas trial lawyers as that state’s courts have been overtaken by tort reform. He was convinced to make it official by two things: the warm reception he received in a case involving breach of fiduciary duty by a sports agent, and the availability of Fay and Kim. . . .

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