Berg & Androphy earns two felony dismissals for our pro bono client, in partnership with the Fifth Ward Center for Urban Transformation.

Our client, Barbara Jones, was facing two felony charges. The first, for forgery of a financial instrument, is a third-degree felony which carried a potential punishment range of 2 to 10 years in prison. The second, for possession of a controlled substance, is a first-degree felony which carried a potential punishment range of 10 to 99 years in prison.

The Harris County District Attorney’s office offered a plea bargain which would have required our client to plead guilty, spend time in jail, and carry a felony conviction for life. This was unacceptable to Joel Androphy and Carlos Doroteo, who knew that a felony conviction would close the door to many opportunities for our client. Doroteo and his law clerk, Tiffany Valdez, reviewed body cam footage which showed that police officers violated our client’s constitutional rights by conducting an illegal search.

The client rejected the plea deal, and the team was prepared to go to trial, including putting forth evidence and legal arguments to suppress evidence that the police illegally obtained. One week prior to the motion to suppress hearing, the District Attorney’s Office decided to drop charges.

Berg and Androphy is proud to have secured this win for our client. Lawyers, paralegals, and staff at Berg & Androphy have provided hundreds of hours each year assisting the Firm’s Fifth Ward pro bono clients.

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