Pro Bono Litigation

Several years ago, Berg & Androphy brought Michelle Alexander to Houston to speak at the Progressive Forum.  Her epochal book, The New Jim Crow, is recognized nationwide as having created the bipartisan criminal justice reform movement.  Her book, and her powerful speech, inspired Joel to establish a pro bono program in our firm that provides zealous representation in criminal cases for young black men who live in Houston’s Fifth Ward. 

Berg & Androphy’s goal is to level the playing field and to eliminate to the extent possible the well-documented, racially motivated convictions and sentences that make a successful life for these young people an impossibility.  For many, prison life has taken the place of high school, college, and graduate school.  If  you are from the Fifth Ward and wish to obtain representation in a criminal case, please contact Rev. Harvey Clemons, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, who may be reached at 713-224-0052.

Joel Androphy and Sam Doran successfully represented an Iraqi/Syrian refugee of robbery charges as part of the firm’s pro bono representation.