Class Action Filed Against The New York City Housing Authority

Exposing the serial failings of New York’s biggest – and worst – landlord, Berg & Androphy has filed a class action lawsuit against the New York City Housing Authority over the agency’s persistent inability to alleviate widespread substandard living conditions across its properties, which house more than 400,000 New York City residents. The suit was brought in New York State Supreme Court, in Brooklyn.

The action assert breach of the lease agreements and the warranty of habitability, and seeks rent abatement and damages for the decrepit and often unlivable conditions at many city-owned properties. In some cases, residents of apartments have gone without gas or a stove for months. Rampant elevator outages trap physically challenged or wheelchair-bound NYCHA tenants in their apartments. Proliferating mold, often caused by pervasive leaks, causes or exacerbates asthma and forces tenants to buy inhalers, while untreated insect and rodent infestations compel them to purchase traps, poison, and cats.

The complaint alleges that tenants’ appeals to NYCHA for legally required service or repairs – whether for electricity or gas, plumbing issues, vermin infestation or lead paint abatement – are not answered in a timely manner, if answered at all.

That hard-working, rent-paying New Yorkers are being treated with such disregard is an outrage, and Berg & Androphy is proud to stand up for its fellow New Yorkers and to seek real relief for NYCHA tenants who have suffered for too long.

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